After years of training and further education in various riding styles from classic to liberty dressage to working riding styles such as Doma Vaquera and Working Equitation, I found the fascination of riding in lightness and relaxation with minimal aids in the fine classic-baroque riding style.

In my adopted home Andalusia where horse culture still plays an important role in everyday life I find the harmonious connection with my horses.

I live and work with my horses in Tarifa where I deepen and refine my practice every day. In courses in Germany, Austria and Switzerland I share my experience and train riders and horses of all styles and breeds.

A healthy and well gymnasticated horse is the basis of all riding. On this basis, all elements can be performed with lightness and ease applying the finest, minimal aids. This fine riding style is suitable for all horse breeds and riding styles and helps providing riders of all disciplines with a motivated horse and more joy at riding.