Courses and horse training

My offer reaches from riding courses with individually settable focus to private lessons up to the training of your horse, at my adopted home Andalusia or at your own home during my European round trips.

The courses are directed at all horse breeds and riding styles and help providing riders of all disciplines and every level of training with a motivated horse and more pleasure in riding. Fine aids and harmony between rider and horse are at the heart of every training sequence. Together we develop individual strategies for problem solving which you can implement easily and directly.

Depending on your interests you can focus on different disciplines, such as Doma Vaquera, Working Equitation, working with the Garrocha, Circensic or training of young horses. My offer is also directed at leisure riders.



ridingholidays in tarifa

At my finca at the southernmost point of Spain in Tarifa I am happy to welcome you to your individual riding holidays. On my well trained Spanish school horses you can practice the riding styles Doma Vaquera, Working Equitation and classic high dressage.

You will receive riding lessons twice a day, and depending on your wishes we will go riding in the mountains or on Tarifa’s kilometres long sandy beaches.

Only separated from Africa by the 14 km wide Strait of Gibraltar, Tarifa offers a colourful program of leisure activities; from whale watching, yoga, kite- and windsurfing courses to a wide range of cultural and culinary offerings up to day trips to Morocco, the relaxed little breakaway paradise leaves nothing to be desired.



cattle work - on the tracks of the vaqueros

Take the unique opportunity to feel like a real Vaquero or a real Vaquera while working with cattle on horseback; thanks to the cattle breeding neighbouring my finca you can get to know the authentic origins of the Spanish way of working equitation.  

Horse buying consultation and import of Spanish horses

Are you looking for a real Spaniard? I buy my horses where the Spanish buy their horses. This way I can guarantee reasonable prices. Thanks to my long-standing contacts with local horse dealers and renowned Spanish stud farms we will find the right horse for you.

I am happy to advise and support you in buying and importing.


If required, I am happy to take on the starting and training of your horse and will educate it together with you according to your wishes and needs.